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A Christian Homeschool Sports Organization-

our history

Historically, we look back and consider the 1997 basketball season as the inaugural spark that lit the flame of our athletic organization and we give thanks to God for sustaining that legacy for so many years. Not only did that faithful basketball program grow into one that’s nationally ranked today, it also fueled an expansion into ladies’ basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. 


In 2013, our organization formed a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Victoria Cobra Athletics, Inc., to further the endeavor of growing our athletic program. Over the last decade, Cobra families have cheered alongside a VCA 6-Man football program that has enjoyed undefeated seasons and championships and have directed strong leadership toward serving our baseball and softball programs.


As VCA is continually blessed with growth, additional sports have been taken under consideration. One thing that will never change is that VCA will continue to instill qualities such as Integrity, Accountability, Passion, and Respect in our athletes through all of the sports programs we offer. We would love to see you on the court or field soon!

cobra sports


As a Christian faith-based organization, the environment within our athletics program will provide the opportunity for character development and education of the whole child. In addition to development of an active lifestyle, athletics helps build relationships through hard work and cooperation, and a place to make life-long memories.

COBRA values


VCA intends to grow as an organization, as coaches, families, and athletes without compromising values. We will be characterized in competition by intensity and passion displayed with integrity and respect that brings honor and praise to Jesus Christ. Whatever we do, we will "do it all for the glory of God".

(1 Corinthians 10:31)

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